Plain Kate- Erin Bow , Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books

08.08.2017 03:36

Plain Kate made me excited about reading again. I re-read all my old books and these books are actually old like the writers are all dead. So you read and you read and sometimes you cast your line for new writers but so few times do you actually come across a whopper. A big one. This is it. Its been written so well. (lots of italics here but I need expression )

Oh and if youre the sensitive sort youll cry when youre reading this I promise you. Erin Bows monsters are actually terrifying and her lead characters are so interesting. Kate is shown to you without a lot of back and forth talk.

Its for mature young adults I guess because dangers arent hidden or glossed over and the bad people are just ordinary people.

Final test for reading excellence: I finished it in 48 hours and re-read the extra good bits and still want to go through it again.
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