Personal Review of Jamaicans Pawn Series! , Romance and Erotic Books

10.08.2017 03:01

Ok, so Im new to this website. But I just finished reading this amazing series. Ive been talking to friends about it and they said it was so good that I should go talk about it so others can enjoy it too!

This series is about Max, a risk taker who works for the Jamaican, the drug lord of Orlando, Florida. Max is loyal to those he trusts, but brutal to those who cross him. This is a look into Maxs dangerously exciting life as a drug runner for the Jamaican. This Jamaican guy killed Max’s friend, another runner that he works with. So Max is looking for revenge for the death of his friend. So, basically he gets another buddy of his and plans the fall of the Jamaican. This Max guy is a sexual fiend that takes any woman that wanders his way, despite the fact that he has a lover at home, all the while hes doing dirty deeds and planning the take over and destruction of one of the most powerful men is the south-eastern part of the country. Hes ruthless, methodical, psyco and (if you were to ask Max himself) the best of all, a sexual stick of dynamite.

Basically this series is amazing and this author is going places, in my honest opinion. Ive read a lot of crime books, romance and erotic books and action books. But nothing has put all of those together into one book so dang well that I simply couldnt put it down. I read each in a day. Guys, youll love this book because its about being rough, tough and a ladies man. Ladies, youll love it because its mysterious, passionate and a sexual experience that will leave you wanting more and MORE of Max, the Italian stud who gets every woman there! Overall this book series is exciting, thrilling, action packed, sex packed and it takes you on a ride you wont soon forget!

Authors Name: Robert Glenn
Book titles:
(1) Jamaicans Pawn
(2) When a Pawn Becomes a King
(3) The Devils Pawn

I would post links but as I am new and dont wish to violate the rules I cannot. But they are all available on amazon as ebooks. Paperbacks are available too I believe but I just got them on download.
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Informative review. Thanks for bringing the series and author to light.
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