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08.08.2017 15:27

I am launching a summer writing program for students in my area to expand their technical skills, gain exposure to new types of writing, and help them develop their creative voice. The program is separated into 3 main groups, each of which meets for a total of eight one and a half hour sessions. Group one is for students entering grades 3-4, group two is for those entering grades 5-6, and group three for grades 7-8. I am looking for ideas for all ages across a variety of different types of writing. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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For Grades 3 to 4, Id say:
Making Heroes
Making Villains
Plot Basics (then maybe a day for each sub-part of plot)

Grades 5 to 6:
Try making a newspaper with them

Grades 7 to 8:
Maybe make a class website with blogs on their different interests
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I absolutely love the idea of a writing program! When I was in the 7th grade, our teacher had us write a How to... book. It was intended to help us pay more attention to details. Have fun with your program!
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