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11.08.2017 12:34

Recently i have been working through courses that are supposed to train me how to speed read. One of the key principals of speed reading is that you dont subvocalize (pronouncing words in your head while reading) words when you read them. Supposedly the brain can process literally thousands of words per minute, but you have to be able to visually process these words without saying them to yourself in you head. A few tips i have already heard are to hole a toothpick in my mouth, or chew gum, but i can do these things and still subvocalize. Does anyone have tips on how to eliminate subvocalization?
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Oh, I just tried that and it nearly made me dizzy... And also, I didnt take in a word of what I had just read! There must be more of a trick to it than just not hearing the words in your head, otherwise, I dont think that would work for me at all.

I dont think Im helping here, but just to say, chewing and holding stuff seems to have no effect on the voice at all. The only way I managed it was to go so fast that my voice couldnt keep up, and then, the comprehension dipped.

Let me know if you crack it, Im intrigued to find out how this works.
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