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08.08.2017 15:16

[Following is the official review of Titans Story by Joe Fowler.]

3 out of 4 starsReview by greenstripedgiraffeShare This Review
Titan’s Story joins the growing cache of modern vampire literature. From the Twilight series to stories of vampires during the War Between the States and Amish vampires, there is certainly no dearth of available vampire stories. Although I felt the author borrowed some of the vampire mythology from Twilight, and there is definitely a romantic subplot, Titan’s Story is not a completely typical vampire love story. The reader is introduced to the very mundane main character on the first page. Ethan (later renamed Titan) works as a dishwasher. The vampire story plot bursts into the forefront early on by an unknown group of “people” bursting into the restaurant where Ethan works and kidnapping all the workers. Ethan is turned into a vampire without his knowledge along with one of his co-workers. Other co-workers are turned into vampire food (known throughout the book as “donors.”)

When Ethan awakes, we are introduced to an alternate world that somewhat mirrors life above ground. Ruling class, lower class, employers and employees all fill this alternate vampire world. The biggest part of this alternate world is that new vampires are required to fight other vampires on their way to earning freedom. Fights are always to the death. Naturally, Ethan does not wish to fight, but soon finds out he has no choice.

Throughout Titan’s Story, the reader is introduced to the politics of the vampire kingdom. Characters are developed; “good vampires” are sorted from “bad vampires.” Much like the real world, first impressions are not always the most accurate. The reader follows the story through Ethan/Titan’s point of view, which causes a bit of confusion, as Ethan does not instantly know what has happened to him. The reader learns the rules at the same rate as would a new vampire introduced to that society. The author does a fine job of gradually introducing the different politics and various factions of vampires who are all vying for power and policy changes. Titan becomes central in this struggle, as he ends up with a special gift that is feared by all. Titan also falls in love with one of the most powerful and dangerous vampires. This relationship could either provide ultimate happiness to Titan, or it could prove to be fatal.

Overall, I loved the character development and the slow unfolding of storyline. Central to the plot are detailed descriptions of the various fights and a continual introduction of newly turned vampires to the vampire kingdom. While the descriptions are important, after a while some of the verbiage became monotonous; I think the author could tighten some of those portions and end up with a stronger book.

I am glad to rate Titans Story 3 out of 4 stars. The plot is engaging; the characters could be people we all know. The strength of the story lies in the variety of characters and their development. As I said, my only wish is for some of the repeated verbiage throughout to be eliminated or reworked.

Titans Story
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Sounds like a good vampire story and Ethan/Titan seems like an intriguing character. The romance part is interesting, too. Too bad, though, about flaw. Great job on the review.
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Seems like an interesting book! Im definitely adding this to my Want to Read bookshelf. Thank you for the great and detailed review!
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Hi Greenstripedgiraffe, great review! I am a fan of an occasional vampire book. They can wrong very easily. This one sounds interesting. The idea that no matter where you end up there are still employers and employees is entertaining.
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Definitely reminds me of Twilight. I do like reading vampire stories though. Great job on the review.
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Glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for the great review!
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This sounds like an interesting take on a vampire story. I did enjoy the mythology used in Twilight, so I think I might enjoy this one. Thank you for the great review!
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Thank you everyone for reading my review! This was an interesting story, for sure!
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Even though vampire stories are almost overdone these days, I still enjoy a good one from time to time. This sounds like its pretty engaging to read. Thanks for the review.
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Even though vampire stories are almost overdone these days, I still enjoy a good one from time to time. This sounds like its pretty engaging to read. Thanks for the review.

Thanks for reading and commenting
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