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09.08.2017 16:37

[Following is the official review of A Port in a Storm by Tawni Silva.]

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When all hope seems lost, what would you be willing to sacrifice for a second chance at life? Thats the question that Jeremy Port is facing. Diagnosed with an extremely rare form of cancer, hes tried every option, every type of medical treatment, holistic treatment, diets, pills, herbs, oils, and chased every wild promise hoping to find a cure. All have failed.

One night, after spending the evening at the bar drowning his misery in alcohol, Jeremy is approached by an old man who hands him a card belonging to Ed Pepirip, the owner of a clock repair shop, and a promise that Ed can solve all of Jeremys problems. The next day, a very skeptical Jeremy visits Eds shop, where he meets Ed and is given a free sample of the alleged miracle cure Jeremys been seeking. Reflecting on the misery that has become his life, Jeremy figures he has nothing to lose. Much to Jeremys surprise, the small sample he is given seems to do what Ed promised. But the small sample isnt enough to cure Jeremy, and although the price that Jeremy must pay for the cure isnt monetary, it is nonetheless very costly. But what cost is too great for more time? “A powerful notion, time... Cant stop it, cant turn it back, cant control it, yet we are bound by it, slaves to it. It is inescapable.”

Tawni Silvas novelette, A Port in a Storm, was an intriguing and thought-provoking read. The writing is incredibly visually descriptive. Silva grabbed my attention and held it the whole way through. The theme of the story was incredibly unique and very well written. I loved the comment about time; it caught my attention and stuck with me as I was reading the book. The ending of the novelette had a wonderful and unexpected twist, which I thought was perfect and really brought the story full-circle.

The novelette was quite short, only 29 pages, and I would have enjoyed reading a little more about Jeremy and learning more about his life story. In particular, there was an unexpected revelation at the climax of the story that took me completely by surprise. I had to re-read that section of the story a second time to fully appreciate what the author had divulged. I also found the narration of present tense a little difficult to read, although the story is certainly captivating enough that this was a minor point for me. Overall, A Port in a Storm was a very enjoyable read, and I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars.

Anyone who appreciates science fiction will enjoy this story. Its a very quick read, so those looking for a quick literary bite would appreciate this one. Dont expect a logical or science-based plot; this one requires imagination and the ability to believe the unbelievable.

A Port in a Storm
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