Never Let Go of My Hand, Kerry E. Wagner Read

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Never Let Go of My Hand

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Ebook Details:

Author: Kerry E. Wagner
ISBN: 9780978713317
In the silence of the night, there is a sudden tapping at the side window of Eric Paysons grandmothers house. To a young boy, this would be the chilling earliest recollection of the last few moments of his fathers life. A haunting whisper echoes throughout the rest of his existence and challenges the steel of his character. The consequences of that tragic moment that night will set the course for Eric s eternal reminder. Rebellion and conflict find him a worthy opponent. The choices Eric makes may take him away from those who love him most. He struggles to find solace in a world whereby his very own hand creates strife and discord amongst everything it touches. Raw and undisciplined, his natural talents cannot temper the restlessness in his spirit. Even a mother s heart, which seeks to protect her child from the world, finds it a daunting task when she cannot protect him from his own quandary. Loving someone unconditionally means allowing them the dignity of risk. Unconditional love is put to the test in this poignant story of vulnerability, discontent, and pursuit of redemption from boyhood to manhood. Eric must confront the truth about himself, a monumental task when boys are only as sick as their secrets. Will a mothers love be enough or will it have been too much? One thing is for certain with raising young boys alone...there is no in between.

Title: Never Let Go of My Hand

Publisher: Wagfest Group

Publication Date: 2009

Book Condition:Very Good

Edition: Pap/Cdr.

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